How to create a Check-in form QR Code

Set up a form to register and check in employees, guests, or attendees

Log in to your account, or register here if you do not have one, and follow these steps:

1) Click Create QR

QRCK - Create QR

2) Select Check-in form

Check-in form 1

3) Enter a Title. You can also upload a Header image (JPG or PNG)

Check-in form 2

4) Select Custom message or Legal statement as an opening to the form. If Legal statement is selected, users will have the option to accept or reject the form

Check-in form 3

5) Add one or more Form fields and enter the text that you require

Check-in form 4

6) Enter a Thank you message for users who have filled out the form

Check-in form 5

7) Click Save to apply changes or Save and download to download the QR Code


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