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How to customize the page template of a QR Code

Add logos and background images to your pages and choose the colors of their texts and buttons

If you have subscribed to the STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE plan, you can create page design templates which can be applied to multiple QR Codes, a project or the entire account. You can also use the preset page templates.

Log in to your account and follow these steps:

1) Click Edit QR

QRCK - Edit QR 2

2) Click Design and select Page design

3) Click the Plus icon to create a template or click Clone and edit to use a preset page template

QRCK - Customize landing 1

4) Customize the page* and click Save

QRCK - Customize landing 2

*Customization options:

  • Apply the page template to a project or to the entire account.
  • Add a logo and a background image.
  • Choose the color of the text, background and buttons.

About page design

Customization options only reflect on some types of content. For example, the ability to customize the text and buttons of a page will only reflect on types of content such as vCard or Landing page. The actual content has to be added within said types of content.

If you want to add a logo to a page, you can use a PNG or JPG image file of 2 MB maximum. The recommended proportion is 1:1 (equal width and height).

If you want to add a background image to a page, you can use a PNG or JPG image file of 2 MB maximum. The recommended size is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall.