Transition from to QR Code KIT

Everything you need to know about's rebranding into QR Code KIT

What is happening?

Exciting news! Our QR Code generator, "," is now "". We're rebranding to better reflect our mission: providing you with a complete QR Code toolkit. This change comes with new features like email QR Codes, custom forms, deep linking, customizable templates, and improved QR Code organization. It's all about giving you a smoother, more comprehensive QR Code experience. Enjoy the ride! 🚀

What will occur with the platform's name?

Ever since our journey began in 2009, we've envisioned a world where every individual, business, or even your furry friend could have their very own Dynamic QR Code. We knew that was a super creative name (it stands for "You Quick Response Me," pretty cool, huh?). But we're on a mission to reach more people and share the benefits of what we offer. So, say hello to QR Code KIT, a platform that's got everything you need for your QR adventures!

Why the change?

We're buzzing with excitement as we take a leap forward in our mission to make the QR universe even more extraordinary. QR Code KIT better captures our vision of being the ultimate hub for all things QR. While we adored our previous name, it's time to grow and become even more accessible to everyone.

Will there be an increase in plan prices?

No worries at all! Our plan prices will keep their friendly charm, just like before. The switch in our name won't affect your bills or your pocket. We're committed to providing amazing solutions at prices that make you grin from ear to ear.

Will there be changes in plan features?

Nope, not a smidge! All the fantastic features you're familiar with will still be here, jazzing up the scene. Plus, we're jazzing things up even more by adding some fresh, exciting functions! While the platform's dynamics remain unchanged, we're all about keeping the excitement alive and bringing you more fabulous features.

Will the platform change?

Yes, but only for the better! Our platform is getting a makeover that's sleeker and more modern, while still keeping its easy-to-use and super-intuitive nature intact. We're making sure the transition is smooth as silk so you can keep enjoying all the QR Code KIT goodness without a hitch.

Will the QR Codes created under stop working?

No need to fret about your existing QR Codes! They'll continue to work like a charm. And guess what? All the redirects from the old domain to the new one will happen automatically. No fuss, no muss. Everything will keep humming along just as it always has.

Will payments continue to be automatically deducted?

Absolutely! Your payments will sail through just as they always have, sailing smoothly on the waves of automation. No changes here! We're all about making life easier for you.

Has the company changed ownership?

Nah, the company's heart and soul remain the same. The only thing changing is our name and brand image. We're still the same dedicated crew that's all about providing you with sensational QR solutions.

Will the same people continue to work?

You bet! The wonderful folks who've been at your service will continue to be the same friendly faces. We're here to assist, so don't hesitate to get in touch whenever you need a hand.

We hope these answers have brought you some clarity and warmth. Remember, we're always just a click away if you need anything else!

Warm digital hugs,

The QR Code KIT Team 🚀