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What types of QR Codes do you offer?

With QR Code Kit, your can create Dynamic QR Codes and redirect them to the following types of content:

  • Website: Show your website, social media profile or any URL.
  • Menu: Upload multiple PDF or images to show them as a list.
  • Download file: Upload any type of file to download.
  • vCard: Share your electronic business card with all your contact information.
  • Social links: Show links to your website, social media profiles and any URL as a list.
  • YouTube: Show your YouTube video or channel.
  • App stores: Redirect the user to the app store that matches its device.
  • Deep link: Redirect the user to a specific page within your mobile app.
  • Google Maps: Show a specific location in Google Maps.
  • WhatsApp: Start a chat in WhatsApp.
  • Mobile page: Create a custom mobile page with text, links images and more.
  • Google Reviews: Get comments, ratings and reviews via Google.
  • PayPal: Receive payments or donations via PayPal.
  • Coupon: Provide discounts or promotions.
  • Multi-country links: Show a link or multiple ones according to the country where scanned.
  • Lead generation: Provide a downloadable file after the user enters their name and email.
  • COVID form: Set up a tracing or screening form to display at your premises.
  • Check-in form: Set up a form to register and check in employees, guests, or attendees.
  • Email: Let users send you an email with a scan.