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What is SSO (Single Sign-On)?

Improve login security for your company and employees

SSO (Single Sign-On) is a feature included in the ENTERPRISE plan that provides an extra security measure, allowing all users in your organization to log into their accounts using unique credentials.

Moreover, once a team member stops working in your company, you can deactivate their credentials and revoke their access.

Companies that use QR Codes for campaigns involving massive transactions should apply end-to-end security not to spread sensitive information.

Over 50% of users repeat their passwords on more than one site. If one account is hacked, intruders would be able to access all the other systems in which the same password is used.

By using QR Code KIT's SSO, your organization can restrict access to unauthorized users, providing credentials to only a few selected team members. The password used to log into QR Code KIT will follow the same high level of security required inside your company. It creates an extra security layer that would not permit accessing the organization's account information.

SSO allows team members to move seamlessly through different sites and applications with a single set of credentials. All while complying with the internal security protocols applied by your organization. A rock-solid and mistake-proof solution for large companies.

If you want to know how to use this feature, contact us via chat or email.