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How to connect a QR Code to a Google Analytics account

View the statistics of your QR Codes from your Google Analytics account

If you have subscribed to the STANDARDPROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE plan, you can connect your QR Codes to your Google Analytics account to view their statistics from there.

Google Analytics setup

First, you need to create a property in your Google Analytics account. Log in to it and:

1) Click Admin

GA4 1

2) Click Create and click Property

GA4 2

3) Name your property and click Next

GA4 3

4) Select your industry category and business size and click Next

GA4 4

5) Select your business objective and click Create

GA4 5

With the property created, you will be prompted to create a data stream where you will get the Google Analytics ID needed to connect to QR Code KIT.

1) In the "Website" field, enter "uqr.to" or the subdomain you have entered in QR Code KIT, name your stream and click Create stream


2) Copy your measurement ID

GA4 8

If you want to access your data stream after the fact:

1) Click Data Streams

GA 1

2 ) Click your data stream

GA 2

QR Code KIT setup

After that, log in to your QR Code KIT account and follow these steps to connect a QR Code to your Google Analytics account:

1) Click Edit QR

QRCK - Edit QR

2) Scroll down to find the "Advanced settings" section, paste your Google Analytics ID and click Save

QRCK - Advanced settings

How to view the statistics from your Google Analytics account

Log in to your Google Analytics account and:

1) Click the down arrow under "All accounts"

GA4 9

2) Click the created property. After that, the screen will refresh and show the statistical data of the property

GA4 10